This assessment (comprising 3 hours of interview and a complete written report) is a psychodynamic investigation to understand and support your child. Concretely, the assessment :

  1. -offers an objective analysis of your child’s profile

  2. -enables to accurately choose appropriate experts and techniques

  3. -issues a written report for better family and/or school adjustments

Our IQ evaluation approach and necessary complementary tests are done according to the area to be investigated : language, sensorial and motor function, memory, attention and execution functions.

We ask you to come with the last school reports, written work and genogramme of your child (family tree up to grand-parents mentioning each person’s job) as well as a few notes on your child’s character, learning successes/failures (walking, talking, reading, writing etc) and any other relevant information that can help us make the assessment as accurate as possible. In order to help you, here is an online mind mapping site

Our approach


documents you supply