Emotional communication, the understanding and use of implicit information are capacities we build, they are not innate. Some people find it easy, others struggle, we are not all born equal in this area. For those who find this challenging, we can help.

our approach



Emotional communication is a clever mix of verbal and non-verbal elements which allows us to adequate a situation with our relational exchange capacities.

Implicit information is all that cannot or has not been put into words : environment, situation, context, undertone, body language, facial expression, social rules, behavioural codes, signals, non-verbal clues etc.

Our coaching programme aims at updating these competencies as well as insuring good listening skills and efficient communication.

After a discussion and evaluation with one of our specialised consultants, your request is established and detailed. The needed rhythm and length of each session must meet with your approval.

Our programme is fully personalised. Different methods may be used during the sessions according to their efficiency in relation to your profile and your request established during the first appointment.

For more information please read our plaquette ComEmImp Engl.pdf