Specific profile employee (dyslexic, gifted, attention deficit disorder, Asperger’s) coaching in the workplace is aimed at increasing their well-being and efficiency in their job. The specificity of our coaching is a double undertaking :

  1. 1.Detection programme : cognitive style identification

  2. 2.Coaching in the workplace to adjust and optimise competency

A support programme is then put in place to :

  1. -increase inter-employee communication,

  2. -encourage employee cooperation,

  3. -define the specificities of the supported employee (strength and saturation points),

  4. -increase exchange capacities with the work group,

  5. -prevent stress and risks of depression by defining the best suitability between the employee and the position he/she holds.

our approach



Detection must be done by experts who will establish the employee’s assessment. It will be completed by behavioural information gathered from co-workers (human ressources, managers, colleagues, ...). Elements of mediation and coherence will come out of this synthesis.