An expat is often parachuted into a new country with very little notice or adaptation period before he/she needs to be performing well in his/her new job.

These conditions do not bode well when not only do different profiles need to be managed but social conventions, bias and other invisible laws that govern individual behaviour and the way they communicate must be addressed.

Expats would be better equipped to perform at their best rapidly should they be guided through the cultural labyrinth in which he/she lands.

Expatriation entails other complications when returning to the country of origin. For those who managed to adapt to a new culture, way of life, the return home can be very disconcerting and can even cause anxiety


our approach



Our coaching programme is aimed at putting you in synch with your team, your management and the people around you in your daily life (shop assistants, neighbours, school parents, civil servants etc.).

We also insure a coaching programme for people returning from expatriation to re-adapt to their former life.

For more information : Plaquette Expat Coaching Engl.pdf

After a discussion and evaluation with one of our specialised consultants, your request is established and detailed. The needed rhythm and length of each session must meet with your approval.

Our programme is fully personalised. Different methods may be used during the sessions according to their efficiency in relation to your profile and your request established during the first appointment.