Image is a powerful self construction tool and an important ally in our relationship to our environment. It is therefore essential to build a project, a coherence in the alliance between self image and image perceived in order to better deal with the world and possess all the tools to attain our goals and aspirations.

A precise and efficient communication can reduce tension, improve relations, allow for a better self positioning, eliminate misconceptions, open the door to new opportunities.


our approach



Our programme will allow you to be a good communicator in all circumstances : from the school yard to oral testing, from family reunions to public speaking.

For more information : plaquette Im&Com Engl.pdf

After a discussion and evaluation with one of our specialised consultants, your request is established and detailed. The needed rhythm and length of each session must meet with your approval.

Our programme is fully personalised. Different methods may be used during the sessions according to their efficiency in relation to your profile and your request established during the first appointment.