Your child is «different», today he/she is suffering. Despite what most people think, IPCs do not always excel at school, either because of the the way they function or the teaching method used.

With the help of our consultants, you will discover and identify the tools required to help your child achieve his/her goals in a harmonious and nurturing environment. You will be given guidelines and techniques to help implement useful changes in order to restore your child’s well-being.


Our approach



Shared parental vision is a 6 hour training seminar for parents of intellectually precocious children/young adults (IPCs) to find individually adapted solutions with our consultants.

We work according to a three step process :

  1. 1.Diagnose your child’s precise the difference.

  2. 2.Allow you as parents to challenge your position within your family unit as an individual and as a couple.

  3. 3.Develop solutions adapted to your child’s difference by  intersecting the visions of our consultants and those of both parents.