This very specific coaching is targeted at students who have to choose a school, optional topics, specialisation area, a project for a gap year, an apprenticeship, a university.

Two options are available:

  1. -assessment and coaching

  2. -preparation to personality testing during interviews


Identify objectives and create self confidence (I want)

Make talents and motivations emerge (I can)

Help identify adequate objectives: school, university or training centre, work search technique, pre-employment apprenticeship, targeting companies (I dare)

Supply tools and communication know-how: letter of intent, CV (Here I go)

3 x 2 hour modules

Preparation (what is at stake, recurring themes and trap questions)

Learn to listen and exchange

Be pertinent while talking with ease and authority

Know how to create difference while affirming motivations and valorising personal achievements

Transform weaknesses into opportunities

Be ready for D-day


bilan et coaching

prÉparation aux entretiens de personnalité